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An Expository Bible Study Class: Beware of False Prophets

The Center for Biblical Christianity in Africa (CBC Africa) presents an Expository Bible Study Class on Matthew 7:15-23 and 2 Peter 2:1-3 entitled “Beware of False Prophets”.

The event is scheduled to hold on the Sunday 24th of March 2019 at First ECWA, Ilorin. Kwara State. Nigeria by 4.00 PM.

The Expositor  is Rev. B. Moses Owojaiye, PhD.


Special Invitation Message

There is perhaps no other “ministry” that has battered the image of the church in the African public sphere today, like that of the so called “prophetic” ministry. There are too many fake prophets nowadays and many Christians do not know how recognize them! Some of these “Prophets” are responsible for the ruining of many lives, marriages, families and properties; and have contributed significantly to reduction of the impact of the Christian message in our society.

So, how would you know whether a prophet is fake or genuine? Have you been injured by one or some of these false prophets and you need healing? Are you struggling with knowing whether or not you have been called into the prophetic ministry? Do you desire to know what the Bible teaches about the prophetic ministry or you’re just concerned about the health of the Church of Jesus in Africa? Whichever category you belong, this study is for you! So, you are specially invited!

Admission and study materials are free!

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