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Special Virtual Seminar

The Center for Biblical Christianity in Africa (CBC Africa) invites everyone to its Special Virtual Seminar tagged “The Uses of Martyrdom: Three Cases From The Early Church”.

The event is scheduled to hold on the Monday 28th of March 2022 by 8.00PM West African Time (WAT) and will be featuring Rev’d B. Moses Owojaiye, PhD, CEO of CBC Africa as the Convener and Professor R. Shaw, Professor Extraordinaire of Church History and World Christianity as the Speaker.

Special Invitation

Early Christians expected suffering. Christ had died on the cross, so there was no higher honor than to imitate that death through accepting martyrdom (witness by one’s blood). As the writer of 1 Peter expressed it, “If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name” (4:16). But why has this subject become so less-talk-about in our faith conversations today? There’s no better time to revisit this VERY important discourse than this Easter Season; and now, that the happenings around us further confirm that the end of times is nearer than ever before.

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